New Short Film by John Edwards – THE GAME SHOW

Not sure if anyone is still tuned in to this blog but I thought I’d post news of my latest film THE GAME SHOW. – Its Finished !!

see the trailer here:

Trailer for: THE GAME SHOW A short film by John Edwards A cross genre…


An early version played at SSF-Rated Athens (science fiction and fantasy festival) back in March, but the finished film has its first UK screening at Broadway Nottingham on Sunday 15 June.

The film is a direct result of work done during the Film Works thing. The film I was working on was “PROFIT AND LOSS” the Travellers V Bankers – Travellers camp on richman’s land etc….. not sure if you remember the pitch – and the Rip Ree – lhere’s a reminder:

One of the sub plots was the bankers being involved with a depraved game show, where they bet on human life.

The new film – THE GAME SHOW – was based around that idea, as another “calling card” short.

Please watch the trailer and if anyone in the Nottingham area is around Sunday 15th June at midday – please join us at Broadway for the screening – we are in Screen one – Shot on RED Epic, 2.39:1. Please sign up for the screening here:

Cheers – John



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