‘2 PLAYER GAME’ Our new video game TV series Pilot

Hello Filmworkers, Filmworkers, Filmworkers (Echoes)

So things have taken a few strange turns since we were all together in that room all those moons ago.

Through a very complicated and criss crossy path I now find myself as the director of a new TV Pilot about video games, their creators and the art and science behind the medium. It’s the brain child of myself and friend and Journalist Paul Drury (Retro Gamer / EDGE). For me the medium is very misunderstood and certainly misrepresented in the mass media. It’s a strange entertainment medium, in the fact that it’s creators and auteurs are rarely celebrated in the public eye, and that’s where we come in.

2 PLAYER GAME is a video game show not about games, but about the people behind them. A platform for these incredible artists to share the nuances of their work with the world and we want you to get involved.

You can help us out by signing up to our official online platforms across Facebook, Twitter and our very own website:




Just to give you a little teaser of the first episode, we are due to conduct a studio based debate with Sandy White (3D Ant Attack, Zombie Zombie) and Karl Hilton (Lead artist on Goldeneye 64, Perfect Dark and now managaing director of Crytek UK) on the subject of game worlds. Plus our first magazine article is a report from GameCity about their huge outdoor dual screens, that will feature bespoke games from Martin Hollis (Goldeneye), Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone) & Jonathon Smith (The Lego Series).

We have already set the wheels in motion and are shooting as we speak. It would be great if you could all come along and support us digitally. Signing up to the website mailing list would be a great boon for us.

Also if anyone out there is interested in getting involved with the project, drop me a line at


Cheers guys

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